Interview: Fabrizio Ricci

How did you get into ice hockey, and what fascinates you the most about this sport?

Ice hockey is Canadas sport, so since i was young I always wanted to play. Being an Italian Canadian I played both competitive hockey and Soccer and when i was 15 i had a decision to make, and i chose to pursue hockey because our ice hockey development in Canada is much more advanced than Soccer in Canada. Im glad i chose Hockey. because ive had an amazing career thats taken me to alot of great places

What fascinates me the most about hockey is the speed and competitiveness of the sport, doing what we do at a high level on frozen water!

Who is your hockey idol?

My hockey idol growing up was always Sidney Crosby, he was the player everyone wanted to be, a great leader right away, and one of the best to ever play the game.

Who is the best player you’ve ever played with?

In Jr i got traded to the Erie Otters and for a couple months i got to play and practice along side Connor Mcdavid… that was an amazing experience because even as a young Jr player … older players were impressed by how good he was at that age.

What were the highlights and lowlights in your career so far?

Highlights of my career will always be the opportunity to play the game of hockey as a job, every year becomes a new highlight because im grateful for every new year of following my childhood dream as a professional hockey player.

The lows in my career will always be the one or two injuries suffered that put me out of the line up/ sent down from different levels of an organization. But i believe everything happens for a reason and its all part of the journey !